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Retro Microphone

Band Together NOLA is just beginning, but our highly qualified instructors have been teaching and performing for many years, and we are eternally grateful for all of the support, encouragement, and wonderfully kind words we've received along the way. . .

"Our son has taken private [drum] lessons from Adam since he was almost 5. Excited to be a part of Adam's next venture. I believe this will give him an opportunity to put all his training to practical use!"

-- Erika K., Parent, New Orleans

"Under Adam's instruction and care, Jeremy has become a beautiful drummer and a talented musician. As a parent, I greatly appreciate the high level of musical instruction and professionalism Adam brings to each of his lesson. Adam also has a wonderful way of meeting his students where they are at, as well as honoring the student's own unique musical ideas."

"It's fun and easy to learn when Mr. Adam is teaching."

-- Kelly B., Parent, New Orleans

-- Jeremy B., Student (Age 13), New Orleans

"Adam's passion for teaching is clearly evident. He has a gift for explaining complicated concepts in understandable terms. He has been giving drum lessons to our daughter since she was three years old and she has been learning music theory since the very beginning. His wealth of knowledge is confirmed by his Master's degree in Composition, but it is his ability and desire to give that knowledge away that makes him a remarkable person."

-- Craig P., Parent, Metairie

"We have had the pleasure of working with Adam for over 5 years...He seems genuinely interested in my child and engages with her accordingly. Despite her young age, he teaches her with respect and challenges her each time. He's willing to adapt to what my child needs to learn and when. We "randomly" found him, and it has proven to be the best accident we've ever had!"

-- Mandy P., Parent, Metairie

"Adam is awesome because he always encourages me and is a lot of fun! Whenever I ask questions, he tells me lots of fun facts, not just about drums but about science and making decisions. He always explains why we do things. And he is very kind and chill!"

-- Leeland P., Student (Age 9), Metairie

"Adam is a wonderful teacher. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and kind. I loved taking lesson with him because he has such a passion for music, and he really wants his students to succeed. I would happily recommend him to anyone."

-- Amanda M., Student (Age 34), New Orleans

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